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Masimanyane Women's Support Centre is a non-profit international women's organisation based in East London, South Africa. With a specific focus on violence against women, sexual and reproductive health and rights and the gendered nature of HIV and Aids, we aim to build the capacity of women and human rights advocates to claim and realise women's human rights. This is done through the development of new knowledge and the utilisation of a rights-based approach.
To find out more about Masimanyane's gender and human rights work, phone us on 043 743 9169.


4 August 2015

Masimanyane received a monetary donation from four young men in Gavle Sweden who did some fundraising for our shelter.

This morning we created this little video on You Tube to say thank you to them.

26 November 2014

While Masimanyane's 16 Days of Activism campaign is centred on violence against women, it will cover a wide range of topics from ukuthwala (forced child marriages) to preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy. The campaign's reach will extend beyond East London, with events taking place in Mthatha, Mount Frere and even Johannesburg, where the launch of the report on ukuthwala will take place. 

Click the link for the full schedule.

26 November 2014

Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre hosted an African Regional meeting in Cape Town between 20 and 25 November to discuss the development of Civil Society Shadow / Alternative Reports.

Countries represented are Senegal, Gambia, Madagascar, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa.

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16 November 2012

The following poem was written by Azola Benita Dorothea Bobo, a former Human Rights Club member. She is still using the knowledge she gained from Masimanyane to express herself. With 16 Days of Activism approaching, it is fitting that one of her poems can be read right here on the Masimanyane website.


All That I Ask

by Azola Benita Dorothea Bobo



Masimanyane documents

Concept document for working on violence against women with disabilities

Positive Women's Charter Concept note

Report external review and evaluation of the work of Masimanyane


Protest against the abduction of some 300 Nigerian girls from their school

Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre held a protest against the abduction of some 300 girls from a boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria. More than 230 of the girls remain abducted. Masimanyane’s dedication on ending violence against women and girls prompted the organisation to hold this protest. As part of our protest, we gathered more than 1000 signatures from women across the Eastern Cape Province. The petition, together with a Memorandum was handed to the chief Magistrate’s office in East London with the request that it be sent to the Minsiter of Justice and Correctional services to submission to the President. Our call is for Preseident Zuma to hold discussions with Nigerian President Goodluck Johnathan and to urge him to ensure the return of these girls to their families.

Download the memorandum

Download the flyer

Memorandum - Bring Back Our Girls

 Memorandum regarding the abduction of girls in Nigeria

Date: 23 May 2014

Today Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre, the Women’s Ikhwelo Network together with the Government Communication systems and civil society organisations come as a community of women and men to express our outrage at the abduction of more than 270 Nigerian girls in the town of Chibok. We join the millions of people throughout the world in expressing our anger and pain at this act of terror.

These children of Africa are our daughters and our sisters. We express our solidarity with them and their families.

This gross violation of human rights is an indication of girls not being valued and the State not ensuring their protection as it is obligated to do by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the CEDAW Convention, the Beijing Platform of Action, the Millenium Development Goals and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights,

We feel the pain of the parents and caregivers of these children and are deeply disturbed by the fact that these girls are suffering untold torture and trauma which will affect them for the rest of their lives.

We deplore the tactics used by the rebel group, Boko Harem, in their abduction of these girls and the terrorising of communities in Nigeria. Their attack on education and educational authorities is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of the Child. Their terrorist strategies violates international law.

We are concerned that the response of the Nigerian government to the abduction of the girls has been shockingly slow and ineffective.

We call on President Zuma to put pressure on the Nigerian State to treat this abduction as a humanitarian crisis and to put all their resources into recovering the girls.

We call on the African Union to support all efforts to secure the safe return of the abducted girls and to put measures in place that prevent any further abductions and acts of terrorism against innocent citizens of all member states.

We call on the United Nations Security Council to ensure that no country provides the rebel group with any form of weaponry or military assistance and resources.

We call on all foreign countries not to use the abduction of the girls to further colonialist claims upon Africa and the resources of our continent.

As a community we request that this memorandum be forwarded to all relevant leaders and that they act upon these demands.

Thank you.

Dr Lesley Ann Foster

On behalf of Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre & Women’s Ikhwelo Network

Masimanyane Women's Support Centre is a Section 18A-status or public benefit organisation (PBO). Donations by or to this PBO are exempt from donations tax in terms of Section 56(1)(h) of the Act. Masimanyane's PBO number is 930011582. Masimanyane's Section 21 registration number is 1997/003982/08.


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