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Masimanyane Women’s Rights International, based in South Africa, has brought together three partner organisations to join together in an innovative project which will increase awareness of GBV, capacitate civil society organisations and young women to take the lead in advocacy campaigns, and hold governments in these countries accountable for ending GBV and ensuring improved service provision for victim-survivors of GBV.

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Global  Gag Rule at One  Year: Initial  Effects and  Early  Implications


 The Global Gag Rule applies to what organisations do with their own, non-US government funds, and forces health care providers to choose between providing a
comprehensive spectrum of reproductive health care and taking US funding.


Masimanyane-hosted INEVAWG awarded $1.2m NoVo Foundation grant for movement to end violence against women and girls 

NoVo’s support will enable INEVAWG to scale up its work on violence against women and girls, including through focusing on the high levels of impunity, and the lack of effective measures to hold states accountable for failures to protect against and prevent gendered harms.   READ MORE

Read more about the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS, its founding members and its work here.



"We launched the Radical Hope Fund as a radical experiment - can a time of increasing repression and darkness also serve as a springboard for deep collaboration and transformative change? The answer has been overwhelming: feminist grassroots advocacy, activism, and organizing are thriving across the globe, new partnerships are growing, and justice leaders everywhere are planting the seeds for a radical new world based in equity, possibility, power, and dignity for all.”  Read the full announcement here.

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From a small support initiative founded in 1995 for women who are survivors of domestic violence and rape, Masimanyane has grown into a global equality and social justice organisation that is locally rooted but globally connected.




Thumeka Magwangqana of Skhala Sonke Womens Organisation based in Marikana in conversation with Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster. Masimanyane hosted Magwangqana and fellow activist Primrose Sonti who are driving a campaign for justice for the families of the men killed at Marikana. Their fight is against Lonmin Corporation based in the United Kingdom and our government, both of whom have not recognised their call for justice and redress. A new documentary, Strike a Rock, documents their campaign and the struggle to access justice for the miners' families.

The Eastern Cape has the highest number of rape cases in the country. NGOs like Masimanyane are trying to turn the tide on this statistic.





Gender Differences in Poverty and Household Composition through the Life Cycle: A Global Perspective 

Ana Maria Munoz Boudet; Paola Buitrago; Benedicte Leroy De La Briere; David Locke Newhouse; Matulevich Rubiano;  Carolina Eliana; Kinnon Scott;  Pablo Suarez Becerra, 2018

Measuring poverty accurately is a key element of development policy. Not only does a gender lens matter for poverty analysis in general, it also matters in relation to specific moments in the life cycle for women and men (e.g., their marital status, presence of children and dependents in their households, when and if they join the labour market and their responsibilities for reproductive work).  

Children and dependents, demographically and economically, are an important vulnerability factor particularly for women during their reproductive years. Care responsibilities overlap with economically productive years (high labour market participation and best time for income generation years), making women specifically vulnerable due to multiple demands on their time.  READ MORE

Masimanyane Women's Rights International hosted the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women during a recent visit to South Africa. Read her message here.


WATCH   UN Women's Director of Policy, Dr Purna Sen, was in East London on 2 August 2017, for high-level discussions on policy imperatives for eliminating violence against women. Dr Sen and a panel of women's rights activists and researchers, including Masimanayne Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster, highlighted the tremendous challenges that remain to eradicate violence against women, amid an alarming rise in right wing or conservative governments around the world.

Masimanyane's Justice Advocacy Programme aims to enforce international norms and standards at a local and national level. It works to ensure that community concerns and challenges are appropriately and effectively addressed through relevant laws and policies.  Research, documentation and advocacy are key components of this programme, along with women's leadership development and training for improved state accountability.  READ MORE

Masimanyane director nominated for

prestigious Tallberg Foundation honour


Dr Lesley Ann Foster, Executive Director of Masimanyane Women's Rights International, has been nominated as a potential Tällberg Foundation Global Leader for 2017.


Tällberg Foundation Global Leaders are women and men who demonstrate the leadership qualities demanded by the challenges of the 21st century, including innovation, imagination and flexibility, and being systems-based, risk-taking and, above all, ethical.   READ MORE


What is the Tallberg Foundation Global Leadership prize?