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international network to end VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and girls

working towards a world where  all women and girls live without violence

and enjoy equality, autonomy, freedom and justice

International Network to End Violence against Women and Girls (INEVAWG) is an international feminist collaboration located within South African human rights organisations Masimanyane Women’s Rights International.

It is a global network developed primarily by women located in the global South which prioritises an intersectional and multi-sectoral approach to ending Violence against Women and Girls. To this end, INEVAWG has established a core group of activists and experts who are working to disrupt and transform structural oppressions for the realisation of women’s and girls’ human rights.

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INEVAWG was established in 2014 following a global consultation process convened and facilitated by Masimanyane Women's Rights International
what's new

INEVAWG awarded $1.24m NoVo grant 


The NoVo Foundation has announced a grant of USD 1,240,000 over four years to the International Network to End Violence Against Women and Girls (INEVAWG), hosted by Masimanyane Women’s Rights International.

Jennifer and Peter Buffet, via the Radical Hope Fund of the NoVo Foundation, announced the grant on 13 June 2018.

NoVo’s support will enable INEVAWG to scale up its work on violence against women and girls, including through focusing on the high levels of impunity, and the lack of effective measures to hold states accountable for failures to protect against and prevent gendered harms.   READ MORE


“The Radical Hope grant provides much needed resources for INEVAWG to build a women’s rights movement from the local to the global, in our collective efforts to end violence against women and girls, using an intersectional and holistic approach.”