Masimanyane joins national shelter protest

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Masimanyane has joined a national protest initiative to draw attention to the lack of funding for shelters for abused women in South Africa.

The protest, outside Parliament in Cape Town, was organised by the Western Cape Women’s Shelter Movement (WCWSM), in collaboration with the National Shelter Movement of South Africa (NSM).

Representatives from numerous shelters throughout the country participated.

The protest, which was called to coincide with a National Assembly plenary session considering the national budget, urged the Department of Social Development and the National Treasury to provide sufficient funding for shelters around the country.

A memorandum called for the government to release the funding needed to carry out the recommendations made in the Commission for Gender Equality’s Investigative Report on the State of Shelters in South Africa of 2014.

This report concluded that shelters for victims of gender-based violence are not only underfunded but also that the funding varies across organisations.

Read the full memorandum here.

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