Beauty pageants "create a negative competitive spirit among women"

Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster has added her voice to the debate around beauty pageants, for an article published in the Eastern Cape regional newspaper, The Daily Dispatch.

Dr Foster told the newspaper beauty pageants also created a myth about acceptable standards of beauty in society, and created a false image of how women should look.

“They act like a women’s intelligence is important by having the question-and-answer session but I think it’s just a front. These pageants are all about external beauty and nothing else. If they were about beauty and brains, there would be a bigger variety of women with different body types allowed to enter.

“For instance, I’ve never seen a disabled Miss South Africa or a Miss Universe with short hair and a chubby body, which is a reality many women live with the world over. I don’t see how these contests advance women at all.”

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