Masimanyane director urges holistic human rights approach to lift women out of poverty

Dr Lesley Ann Foster

Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster has utilised an international speaking platform to urge a holistic human rights approach, with an intersectional application of the rule of law, to lift women out of poverty.

Dr Foster was addressing the two-day Rule of Law and Development meeting convened by the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) and the Government of Tanzania.

The meeting, which attracted 140 delegates from 17 countries, including two former Presidents of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa and Jayak Kikwete, featured interactive discussion about the interface between the rule of law and development in Africa.

“Women’s experiences are multi-layered and require a deeper analysis than looking at individual experiences," Dr Foster told delegates.

"A holistic human rights approach is needed, an indivisibility and interdependence approach to show violations in a broader context."

She also addressed traditional justice, which she said was rooted in the context of male privilege and requires women’s oppression to thrive.

“(Traditional justice) does not lead to the empowerment of women and impacts on a range of developmental factors including economic, health, educational indicators etc.

“Women’s rights advocates hold the view that a holistic, intersectional application of the rule of law can lift women out of poverty and doing that improves the lives of entire families and communities," she said.

"Application of the rule of law must not be a top down or elusive mechanism, but one that is entrenched in the psyche of individuals and society as a whole. Only then would the SGDs or Agenda 2063 have the chance to succeed."

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