Strategising women's rights at the 13th AWID Forum

Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster has arrived in Bahia in Brazil for the 13th Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) Forum.

The Forum has drawn together 1 854 participants from 120 countries to strategise feminist futures, including women’s rights and feminist movements, economic justice and environmental and human rights movements.

Forum goals include celebrate the gains of the past 20 years, critically analyzing the lessons to be carried forward, accessing current realities to locate opportunities and threats for advancing the rights of women and other oppressed people and exploring strategies for mobilizing greater solidarity and collective power across diverse movements.

"This is an important platform for women from diverse organisations across the world who share the common goal of advancing women's rights to get together to strategise, synergise and share common experiences," Foster said.

"Masimanyane is proud to be a part of this movement, and we look forward to a fruitful and productive forum."

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