Masimanyane forges new regional partnership

NEW PARTNERSHIP: Masimanyane Women's Rights International has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Mozambican organisation, Forum Muhler, as part of our programme of regional cooperation. Forum Mulher (Women's Forum) works for the rights of Mozambican women and is active in gender and development issues, advocacy and lobbying, as well as education and information sharing. The organisation has been a successful actor in Mozambican politics, securing important advances for the legal position and recognition of women. Its areas of focus include strengthening the network of trainers and consultants at the provincial level, developing policies that include the principles of gender equality and equity, improving knowledge of the rights of women and of the laws defending these rights by disseminating international protocols and national laws; and improving access to justice, especially for victims of gender-based violence, by improving access to legal services, counselling and by advocacy on legal instruments.

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