Dove’s apology for its latest ad is insulting to people of colour – ‘sorry you’re offended’ really i

The ad has made it more obvious than it’s ever been that we need a complete industry overhaul – and colourism needs to be taken as seriously as racism

Colourism is a concept that addresses an important nuance within racism: it is not just ethnic background that determines prejudice, but being lighter or darker skinned within one’s own race. People of black or Asian heritage who have a lighter than average skin tone – as well as features that more closely align with Caucasian standards – are often held in higher esteem.

In advertising, TV, film and elsewhere, including these individuals with lighter skin and classically Caucasian features while excluding darker-skinned people with traditionally “non-Western” features is rife. It’s dangerous because it creates the façade of diversity while quietly maligning huge numbers of people. These insidious practices disproportionately affect black people – hence why the image in Dove’s advert was so problematic.

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