Talking to kids about consent

These Videos Teach Kids About Consent in an Age-Appropriate, Non-Awkward Way

Consent isn’t all that complicated. And yet according to a study from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, there’s still lots of confusion over what “counts” as sexual assault. Case in point: Harvey Weinstein.

Outstream Video

For parents, conversations about consent don’t have to begin when your kids reach the teen years and they’re shown a cheesy sex-ed video featuring, as John Oliver describes, “30-year-old actors dressed like teenagers from the ‘90s.”

These chats should begin much, much earlier, around the time Grandpa starts telling them “Give me a kiss and I’ll give you a lollipop,” or when a fellow mom and dad on the playground says “It’s time to go! Give your new friend a hug goodbye!” Just like with talking about sex itself, the discussion should be ongoing, age-appropriate and active (there’s no need to wait until your kid has a specific question). Read more

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