Celebrating 10 years of 'righteous anger'

A senior Masimanyane team arrived in Kampala, Uganda this week to share in the 10th anniversary celebrations of one of its key strategic partners, the Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women (MEMPROW).

MEMPROW was founded in 2008 by leading African gender activist Dr Hilda Tadria (pictured above), who has said the organisation was born "from a righteous anger about what is happening to girls and young women today, but most especially the culture of silence that shrouds defilement and domestic violence".

"Our organisation provides spaces for young girls to learn not only from each other but to also learn from women of older generations," Dr Tadria says.

"MEMPROW believes that building a generation of women who are informed, self-assured, and independent gives them voice to speak out against social inequalities and injustices, which is healthy and important to our communities."

Ten years after it was founded, MEMPROW is one of the leading feminist and empowerment organisations in Uganda, campaigning for and running numerous programmes to develop capacity among young women to engage more actively and effectively in the protection of women’s rights and personal integrity. The organisation also works towards empowering women to lead in the transformation of patriarchal environments that sustain discrimination, oppression and gender inequalities.

"Masimanyane Women's Rights International extends our huge congratulations to MEMPROW on their 10th anniversary," Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster said. "We applaud them for their activism and the work they do empowering thousands of young women in Uganda."

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