It should not require fathering a daughter to recognise gender atrocities

According to our society, it is acceptable for a man to remain unable to empathise with women until he has sprung one from his loins. Still, would it be enough for every girl’s existence to make her father recognise – in his patriarchal make up of toxic masculinity – what women face?

Ours is a society with a collective mind-set predicated on the centrality of a men. This foments a lack of empathy more broadly speaking, but specifically a view of women as human based in blood relations to men, be it as daughters, sisters and mothers.

Even in his deepest agony after Judge Peet Johnson sentenced Sandile Mantsoe to 32 years in prison for assaulting‚ killing and disposing of the body of ex-girlfriend Karabo Mokoena, it was difficult for Thabang Mokoena – Karabo’s father – to bring down the patriarch Mantsoe is without revealing self-contradictory status as another patriarch.

Having been asked to reflect on violence inflicted against women within our society, he stumbled upon a patriarchal norm and failed to review gender-based violence sensitively.


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