Five ways Bathabile Dlamini could leverage her remaining power to help women

In a country where the statistics for murder, rape, sexual assault of girls, women and children match or surpass wartime figures, the Department of Women and Minister of Women in the Presidency, Bathabile Dlamini, should be playing a key role.

In a violently patriarchal society such as South Africa, a Minister of Women could and should be a key ministry, a position that could offer inter-ministerial and departmental co-operation to advance the specific issues that relate to women and children in South Africa.

It would take a leader with a deep and abiding understanding of these issues, a leader, a feminist with energy and vision to bring the appalling plight of South African women in a very practical fashion to the centre of the country’s political discourse.

May is Child Protection Month yet Dlamini has yet to rouse herself to make any coherent or pointed public statement.

Instead, the Sisyphean task of keeping the activism alive has fallen on cash-strapped NGOs, organisations and individuals across the country who act as the vanguard against male violence and entitlement, against police indifference, against the relentless daily onslaught from hyper masculine men.

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