#TotalShutdown March in East London

Hundreds of women from NGOs, gender organisations and civic society took to the streets in East London in support of the national #TotalShutdown protest march against femicide and sexual violence.

#TheTotalShutdown is a movement of women that was started via social media to mobilise all women and gender non-conforming people to stand together and raise awareness around Gender- Based Violence.

On the 1 August 2018, women and GNC people from all backgrounds came together to march from the East London Museum to City Hall where the memorandum was read and handed over to Buffalo City Mayor, Xola Pakati.​

In Pretoria, President Cyril Ramaphosa met with march organisers and promised a gender summit to address violence against women.

"The #totalShutdown march to the Union buildings received a very clear commitment from President Ramaphosa. The action has been successful," Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster said.

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