US feminist economist Savi Bisnath conducts Masimanyane training sessions

International feminist economist Dr Savi Bisnath led a Masimanyane training session for young South African gender activists in East London this week.

The training focused on economic, social and cultural rights and their links to violence against women.

"Participants were taught how the Ministry of Finance works and how national as well as local government budgets are constructed," Masimanyane Executive Director Dr Lesley Ann Foster said.

"They learned how to review budgets and how to advocate for increases in spending of various ministries. It was very powerful as the training was linked to the lived experiences of participants."

Savi Bisnath is the Associate Director of the Centre for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University in the United States. She has spent most of her career working on issues related to development, economic globalisation and gender equality.