Masimanyane convenes Buffalo City forum to address gender-based violence

Masimanyane Women's Rights International has established a gender-based forum to address violence against women and girls in the BuffaloCity Metro. The forum includes representatives from all relevant sectors in the city, including the South African Police Services (SAPS), Department of Safety and Liaison and the Department of Social Department.

The forum met in East London this week to develop its strategy and set clear Terms of Reference for its work going forward.

Areas of discussion included:

  • Collaboration around capacity enhancement (i.e. training) of the SAPS and CPF;

  • Gender-based violence prevention initiatives and interventions;

  • Identify the concerns and what is hindering the different stakeholders from giving women the full support and access to all the services they need; and

  • Collaboration between NGOs and Victim Friendly Coordinators (non-compliance by some of the NGOs using the Victim Friendly Centres).

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