Masimanyane engage Rhodes Sociology students

Masimanyane Women’s Rights Internal was invited to conduct a seminar at Rhodes University, engaging the Sociology Honours students about the work we do, as well as conceptual clarity.

The seminar was facilitated by Chrislynn Moonieyan and Thabisa Myataza.

"The students were well prepared on questions about the programmes and services we provide at Masimanyane. To lay the foundation of the engagement concepts such as patriarchy, feminism and the cycle of violence was discussed, as well as root causes of domestic violence," Chrislynn noted.

Discussions also covered the work done by Masimanyane on a local and global level and how it links to women’s lived realities.

"The students were enthusiastic and engaging on topics such as how we align our work to culture and tradition and not following western trends on addressing domestic violence, as well as hotly debated topics such as ilobola and polygamy and how practices that are not beneficial to women are discriminatory to women," she said.

"We emphasised Masimanyane’s local roots and how the women, survivors of violence inform the work we do thus addressing their needs and in so doing we are able to align culture of our clients to the work we do. This engagement was vibrant and challenging as we discussed the women’s agenda and how it informs the services and programmes at Masimanyane."

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