Masimanyane launches Needs Camp clean-up operation

Masimanyane was in Need's Camp this week where staff members joined forces with local community members to clean and reclaim a neglected and derelict site in Phumlani.

A recent safety audit of this region had identified the site as a safety concern.

Masimanyane is spearheading a clean-up campaign, and will engage other local stakeholders with a view to turn the neglected building into a multi-purpose community support centre.

"There was a lot of rubbish and the site was completely overgrown. Many women in the area told us this site made them feel vulnerable and at risk, so we decided to do something about it," says Masimanyane staff member Nwabisa Dlova.

"We are cleaning up the area to help turn it into a violence-free zone. We have also been told that this site was previously used by young men in the area for boxing training. We are working closely with community members to reclaim this space and help the community put it to good use again."

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