Abongile Davani: Womxn standing with confidence

Meet the creative behind this amazing poster, Abongile Davani.

Abongile created this poster for her virtual training group, this group of young womxn tackles social issues and how they can best use their collective voices to combat GBV and help other young people to develop their own agency. She has attended all the trainings conducted by the GBV intervention and continues to work closely with Bumb’INGOMSO.

“It was inspired by the power we represent as womxn when we're together; from sharing our experiences and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable as African young womxn which is symbolised by a face of a young womxn on the African continent map and the confidence to redefine ourselves- reclaiming the power we have which is symbolised by the "W with a womxn standing with confidence".

I used to do facilitation at schools, invited by a friend of mine touching topics around "Identity and Development in Society" and from that Nwabisa from Masimanyane and I went to a school in Gonubie where she was facilitating a session on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

I was then recruited to be part of a training which was facilitated by Thabisa and Nwabisa at Buffalo Club. Gathering in one space with different voices of young womxn has been a satisfying experience for me; unpacking and dissecting issues to come up with solutions that are best for us and many more young people in our region.”

Abongile is a remarkable business womxn too!

With President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for the clothing industry to ramp up fabric face mask manufacturing capacity to combat the spread of Covid-19, small businesses also thrived as there is a huge demand for masks. Her business also grabbed this opportunity with both hands and they are making beautiful cloth masks and selling them at an affordable price.

Short background

“I'm a Director and founder of YouLead Twenty6 (Pty) Ltd, operating and registered company since 2018, which focuses on youth leadership skills, literacy and business development, and bringing opportunities to young people as a tool to improve active citizenry and youth economic participation.

"I studied Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Fort Hare which gave me prospect in becoming an Intern Student and later accepted an offer to work as a voluntary Social Worker for Child Welfare SA: East London where I served till I was employed by Nal'ibali Trust as a Literacy Mentor.

"I am currently working in partnership with ViweM Consulting providing branding and printing services in and outside of Eastern Cape. I am also undergoing Democracy Works Academy training looking into "State of the Nation and Project Management" as a 2020 fellow.

"My passion for community development, reading and writing brought me an opportunity to become EC Activator with Activate! Change Drivers Network since 2017, a steering committee Chairperson of EC LGBTI Organization since 2018 and an active member of grants Approval's Committee for Small Project and Support Fund which is overseen by AIDS Foundation of South Africa in 2020.”

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