COVID-19 Contingency: Essential services continue, counselling and paralegal assistance go virtual

The outbreak of COVID-19 in South Africa is a significant threat to our families, communities and our country as a whole.

To reduce the risk of a wide spread pandemic in our country, President Cyril Ramaphosa has made a call for everyone to go into social distancing/isolation which has proved to be the best method to containing COVID-19 from spreading. Several guidelines have since been provided on how to respond to this pandemic.

Masimanyane Women’s Rights International is committed to upholding these principles and we are proactively seeking ways to be responsible in dealing with all our stakeholders to ensure the health and safety of all those with whom we engage in the normal course of our duties including our staff.

After consultation, the Masimanyane Board and management agreed that all our services to the public remain available but we re-designed the delivery of the services. Only essential services will continue to operate fully. These services are the shelter and Thuthuzela Rape Care Centres (TCCs) which have to remain open 24 hours a day.

These changes are effective from Thursday, 19th March 2020.

Relevant staff have been provided the necessary protective equipment and support to ensure their safety in dealing with the public.

  • Clients seeking counselling and paralegal support can reach us during this social isolation period. We will utilise telephone counselling for which we provide a list of counsellors who will be available to assist women and girls in distress. These numbers will be posted on the doors at each of our offices at the courts but also provided below.

  • All other services remain suspended until further notice.

  • All our digital platforms remain unaffected.

  • Staff employed at non-essential services will be available on Whatsapp and will be engaged with work-related matters while in social isolation.

  • We will also accept “Please call me requests” whereby the costs for the calls will be paid for by Masimanyane.

In a fast changing situation, we humbly request your patience during periods where you may be inconvenienced. We do commit to keeping you updated as matters unfold.

Masimanyane Women’s Rights assures communities, women and girls of our commitment to provide you with services which are sorely required and remind you that our President has called for this to be a Thuma Mina moment for all citizens of our beautiful country.


Thandiwe Mkutu 082 852 4440

Nonkosi Mntu 063 972 6178

Tamara Ngemntu 083 416 1626

Ntomboxolo Ntengo 078 882 9390

Portia Donti 078 402 4490

Linda Mafanya 073 546 7600

Claudine Dookens 062 144 9179

Felicia Boqwana 072 727 1106

Albertina Sam 071 518 7773

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