Masimanyane social worker and public educator joins prestigious Tekano Fellowship programme

Tekano 2021 Fellows Thato Mathabathe and Masimanyane social worker and public educator Nwabisa Dlovu.

Masimanyane social worker and public educator Nwabisa Dlovu has been selected as a 2021 Tekano Fellow following a rigorous recruitment process that started in August last year.

The Tekano Fellowship Programme centres on leadership development for health equity in South Africa, and prioritises enabling progressive leaders to collectively address the deeply entrenched systematic barriers that prevent people from leading healthy and productive lives.

The 2021 Fellowship Cohort consists of 23 activists from all walks of life, who share a deep desire to support social change within the health sector for the benefit of vulnerable and marginalised communities.

A dynamic and diverse group, they include activists working in a range of fields; including health care workers, health researchers, lawyers, environmental activists, journalists, gender based violence activists, activists working on addressing intergenerational trauma, disability and mental health.

Amongst many brilliant activists, their work and ideas for their social change initiatives really spoke to our core values and we are excited in working with them, our senior fellows and key strategic partners in making these a reality.

About Nwabisa

Born and bred in Mount Fletcher, Nwabisa is a women’s human rights activist, social justice activist, Intersectional Pan-African feminist, sexual reproductive health advocate and a public educator.

She is committed to advancing social justice through groundwork, passionate about education of a Black child, ensuring that young women have access to information, access to services and participation in decision making on issues that affect them.

She serves as part of the advisory committee of Umthombo-Wekamva; an organisation based in Port St Johns, which offers services to matric students from career exhibitions, mentoring and assisting learners to apply for tertiary education. Nwabisa also serves as the deputy chairperson for the AIDS Foundation approvals committee.

As a Masimanyane social justice advocate, Nwabisa's main goals are educating and bringing awareness to young people. This includes conducting information sharing sessions, intergenerational dialogues, awareness campaigns, partnering with different stakeholders to debunk deep tooted social norms, attitudes and behaviours that are discriminating against womxn, she says.

Nwabisa and her fellow Tekana Fellows are leaders, activists & decision makers who communally advocate, research and lobby for improved health conditions for disregarded populations in South Africa, Tekano said in a statement.

"Under our new Fellowship approach, Fellows will dedicate the next three years in the fellowship to conceive, implement and sustain social change initiatives in communities across South Africa towards health equity."

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