Stuck at home with a monster: more reports of violence against women, children in Hong Kong since st

TStaying at home may help to keep the coronavirus causing Covid-19 at bay, but the pandemic is taking its toll on victims of domestic violence in Hong Kong.

After more than 30 years of marriage, Cheng had kept her secret to herself. She was too ashamed to tell anyone that her husband abused her sexually, and that being alone at home with him was hell.

The pandemic made it worse when her husband, in his 60s, had his working hours slashed. He was home more, spent his time drinking, lost his temper easily, and forced himself on her.

Cheng, in her 50s, became terrified each time he started drinking. Reluctant to go to their three children, who live on their own, she fled to a friend’s place and spent two nights there.

Source: South China Morning Post. Download the full article here.

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